How to spot a fake Pandora bracelet

May 12, 2012 at 8:07 am ,


Like all really successful and iconic brands Pandora has been much copied. Pandora fakes are everywhere so how can you tell the difference between the fakes and the real Pandora? Indeed since the fakes are so cheap why would you want to…

We have sold over half a million genuine Pandora beads and bracelets and in that time we have seen buckets of fakes. The reason why we see so many is that customers knowingly or unknowingly buy a fake bead and try and put it on their genuine Pandora bracelet. What they don’t realise is that Pandora use a patented screw thread system that other systems often are incompatible with. The worst scenario is an ‘almost fit’ situation where the customer can screw the bead on so far and then it gets stuck. The customer then tries to unscrew the bead  and in desperation uses larger and larger amounts of force till the bracelet itself starts to tear apart. At that point customers send back their genuine Pandora bracelet + stuck fake bead to us claiming the bracelet is faulty. We repair them but at a cost since the bracelet isnt faulty and the customer regrets the day they ever tried to screw the bead on.

We see plenty of fake bracelets as well, most of them broken and the customer dismayed at how it fell apart only days after purchase.

So before we look at how to ensure that you are buying genuine Pandora consider this: The sole point of fake goods is for you to part with as much cash as possible for the cheapest possible product so making the greatest profit for the counterfeiter and trader. Since they are usually sold from street traders, markets and pop up internet sites they only have to last and look good for the duration of the purchase experience and thats it! Pandora however is trying to create a brand that it is built on customer retention and loyalty and so it’s products must last and perform as long as possible. The only way to do this is to give the customer lasting value in terms of quality. In short fakes are a waste of money compared to the quality Pandora is offering for the price..

If you want to make sure that you are buying genuine Pandora there are two ways. Firstly from a high street shop. This might either be a dedicated Pandora shop or a shop in shop style concession in a good quality jewellery shop. They will all have the classic, white or occasionally black Pandora display furniture. Secondly online, there is only half a dozen or so genuine Pandora online retailers in the UK and we all have the ‘Certified Pandora Online Retailer’ logo on our website. Lots of ‘pop up’ sites sell Pandora but these are easy to spot since firstly no genuine online retailer is allowed to have the word ‘Pandora’ in their domain, the fakes sites often do. Secondly so they can’t be caught they rarely have a contact address. There are no official online retailers on either Ebay or Amazon.

the 'ALE' stamp on the side of a Pandora bead

How do you tell if your bead or bracelet is fake? First compare it to the pictures on our site. If it doesn’t look like the item in the picture it’s most likely to be a fake. Take to your nearest Pandora stockist, they can tell in an instant. Lastly all genuine beads have the letters ALE stamped on them as a mark of authenticity. They are actually the initials of the father of the  founder and creator of Pandora, Per Enevoldsen.


  • Imelda Martinez

    I would like to know if you have any other valuable tips that i can look out for to see if an item is real or fake. I work for a retail second hand company and I know certain things to look for but not all and do not want to make a mistake thinking is a fake when it could be indeed the real thing thank you

  • Jacqui

    I was wondering about the inside of the clasp of the bracelet. Some places say that the inside needs to be oxidized to be authentic. Is this true?

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